Weekend Track Day events at Canaan: 

Canaan is all new and a ton a fun, featuring a  1.4 mile course with a 1300 ft straight with a banked 30 degree kink in the middle.  This 12 corner track has banked, uphill, downhill and off camber corners that create a fantastic experience for riders at all levels.  

There are separate groups & classrooms for riders of all levels
at these events.  This is the place to start your track experience!

Weekend Track Day Overview

  • Track days with lots of opportunity to learn from the PRS expert staff
  • Comfortable places for riders of all levels - beginner to expert
  • Track Day Riders may participate for any single day for $250,
    or ride both days for $450. 
  • Current CCS Licensed racers may participate as
    Racer Practice riders for $200/day 
  • Learn to Fly Members save $15 to $75 per day
  • The first day of each event will feature NESBC races (fun, sportsman "racing") at the end of the day.  

    What is NESBC all about?
    • NESBC races are optional for all participants - you can "race", join the session after the start or just enjoy watching
    • Classes for riders at all levels.  Track day riders participate on track day bikes (no race prep required)
    • "Races" are free for all Street Bike and Intermediate classes
    • Purse paying Formula 300 and Motard races are $35 for pre entry, $40 for entry at the track.
    • The NESBC license certification is free with the track day and will not interrupt any riding time

  • NESBC Teams?  Comraderie, Fun, Prizes and Cash Payout!!
        • NESBC has classes for riders at all levels; 2 street, 2 intermediate and 2 expert classes.  The Team Championship encourages up to 4 riders (plus and optional "Mentor") to work together towards fun, improvement and prizes.
        • Points are awarded in each class, and each Team can only have one points scoring rider per class.  This encourages expert, intermediate and beginner riders to form teams help each other all day long!
        • Rewards are huge!  In addition the relationships and good times when working together, there are also individual Class Championship prizes and a Team Championship with a $1500 cash payout at the end of the season.

Tentative Canaan Events planned for 2018

Women's Only Group in July
For this date, we are having our annual women's only classroo
m, and if we get at least 12 riders (we had 15 last year), the women will have their own riding group.  We will have experienced women coaches to work with you all day!

To see feedback from a recent ladies group participant - CLICK HERE

Dealer Days - all Canaan dates

We have a number of dealers planning to bring groups of riders to these days.  If you would like to put together a group of riders from your shop, or if you are a riding club member who wants to organize a day at the track, please feel free to email us at or call us any time!

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