Two-day track events with optional "fun" races on Day 1
Riders can ride for one or two days at each event
Groups for all rider levels - Beginner to Expert
CLICK HERE for Canaan General info

FUN, Sportsman "Racing" for track day riders 
Seamlessly woven into select 2 day Penguin Track Day events

What is NESBC Racing?
A place for a group of friends to go to a track day and mix in a race as part of their day. It’s the perfect “half step” between serious racing and track days. Things like beer league ski racing are tons of fun, and NESBC brings that atmosphere to these events! 

What classes are available?
Track Day Riders - Street Bike 1 (MW & HW) & Street Bike 2 (LW)
Nov/AM Racers & Adv. Track Day - Novice A (MW & HW) & Novice B (LW)
EX/AM Racers - Motard & Formula 300 (Purse Paying Classes)

Full Class Descriptions on the Team Registration Form

Bike preparation?
Street Bike & Intermediate Races - Super easy! All it takes is Track Day Preparation + a stick-on front number plate
AM/EX Racers - must pass race-style tech inspection

What is the entry procedure/cost?

  • All NESBC racers must be registered for the Penguin Track Day
  • Entry available at www.penguinracing.com & at the day of the event
  • NESBC License Certification class is included in the track day for all new participants.  Must pre register or sign in before day starts. 

Single Event Race Entry Cost:
FREE for non purse paying classes
$35 for purse paying classes pre entry ($40 at track)
(Penguin Learn to Fly Members get reduced rates)

2017 Schedule
(4 Dates)

NESBC are on the FIRST day of the
2 day Penguin events listed below

NESBC Dates are in RED

Canaan - June 3rd & 4th
Loudon - July 2nd & 3rd
Canaan - July 15th & 16th 
Canaan - Aug 26th & 27th

What is Cannan Speedway?

A brand new 1.3 mile facility designed specifically to grow the motorsports community in New England. A fun layout for all size bikes in a beautiful NH setting!



Event Schedule
Seamlessly woven into the first day of these Two-Day Penguin Track Days.  Participation in the races is 100% optional.  These days will be run like any other Penguin track day, with the "races" rotating with the regular riding groups, usually at the end of the day.

Teams and Special Features
NESBC participants, dealer groups and other organizations are encouraged to form "Teams" for the events.  Teams of up to 4 riders will combine their best finishes in each of the NESBC classes.  Teams may also have an Expert "Mentor" who does not race.  Prizes will be awarded each event and an overall Championship Team will be crowned at the final event of the season.  Team Signup Form HERE.  Individual and Team Points Standings will be posted here all season long.

3 Divisions:
Focused on fun, camaraderie and an awards ceremony at the day's end.  Expect to smile!  A perfect "half step" between track days and racing.  Easy prep, no pressure - great times!

All NESBC participants must be registered for the Penguin track day on the day of the event.  All street riders must go through an NESBC license class before their first event, which is free with any Canaan track day tuition.

Street Rider Division

  • Tech Requirements - Track Day Bike Preparation Only
  • Prizes - both event & season championship
  • 2 Classes
    • Street Bike 1 - Middleweight and larger machines
    • Street Bike 2 - Lightweight machine
  • Run with Street Riders Only. If you have ever held a road race license, you will ride with the Novice Division (not the Street Rider Division)!

Intermediate Division

  • Tech Requirements - Track Day Bike Preparation 
  • Prizes - both event & season championship 
  • 2 Classes
    • Intermediate A - Middleweight and larger machines
    • Intermediate B - Lightweight machine
  • Experienced Street Bike Riders, Current/former LRRS Novice and qualifying Amateur Racers
Purse Paying Division
  • Tech Requirements - Race Preparation
  • 2 Classes (Based on LRRS Rules)
    • Formula 300 
    • Motard
  • Purse Payouts and Season Championships for each class
  • No restrictions on entries - Novice through Expert riders welcome
Licensed racers competing in the Purse Paying Races must either enroll in the Advanced School for the day or participate in the Racer Practice, similar to what has been done for years on Friday at NHMS.  

    Single Event Pre Entry Fees
    Track Day Fee for Canaan - $250/event  (pre registration price)
    Licensed Racer Practice - $200/event  (pre registration price)
    NESBC Street Bike / Novice Entry - Free 
    NESBC Purse Paying Race Entry - Add $35  (pre registration price)

    Learn to Fly Members - Subtract $35-$75 per track day, $10-15 per race, $15-$35 per practice 

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