"Under 500cc" group June 3rd at Canaan


This class is built to combine a few groups of riders into one place and give them a fun, comfortable place to ride.

  • Younger riders (12+) If you have a kid who has wanted to try riding the track but is not comfortable riding with all the big bikes in an open group, then this is your place!  Our aim is to give these kids an opportunity to ride, and to combine them with any other new riders on up to 500cc machines who want to try the track in the lowest pressure, most relaxed environment possible.

    IMPORTANT: Parents of riders under 18 please email info@penguinracing.com a resume of any potential participants outlining their motorcycle experience.  These riders should have complete confidence in the operation of a motorcycle.  You will also need to either have both parents present or fill out forms that will need to be notarized prior to the event. 

  • Small machines: We've had several rider (Grom's, Z125's, XR100's and some vintage machines) who were looking for a place to ride these slower machines on the "big" tracks. Canaan is the perfect venue for all these groups, and this Under 500cc class provides an opportunity for them all to experience a great day at the track.
If there is demand, we may add a 2nd day on July 22 - we welcome your feedback!

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