August 31st 

2020 NHMS Track Experience featuring the annual
NESBC dealer challenge and & Ducati Northeast

This 2nd annual NESBC Loudon Finale is for everyone (all riders and all brands welcome) and packs some special features

Penguin will be welcoming Ducati Northeast dealers to our feature-packed NESBC track day of the year.   

Overview of the day

  • Track day with lots of opportunities to learn from the Penguin expert staff
  • Both on and off track instruction and 1 on 1 coaching available all day
  • Comfortable places for riders of all levels - beginner to expert
  • Dealer displays and demos available (see dealers for details)
  • CCS Licensed racers may participate as Racer Practice riders for as little as $200 
  • Awards, prizes and fun at the end of the day in the Smoke Shack restaurant
  • At the end of the day this event will feature NESBC races (fun, sportsman "racing"),
    which includes the Northeast Dealer challenge
    .  Details below. 
    Track day riders & licensed racers are kept completely separate!!

Northeast Dealer ChallengeFun, prizes and (most importantly) bragging rights will be on the line!  Last year we had 7 motorcycle businesses from around New England compete for the title "fastest dealer in the northeast".  The winner gets to keep a perpetual trophy in their showroom until the next year.  Racers are run completely separate from non-racers in a series of classes to determine the champion.  All track day riders may participate, regardless if they are on a team of not.

What is NESBC all about?

NESBC races are optional for all participants - you can "race", join the session after the start or just enjoy watching.  Note: this is SUPER low pressure, and most riders elect to come play in these sessions.  It's AMAZING fun!!  Classes for riders at all levels.  Track day riders participate on track day bikes (no race prep required)
    • "Races" are free for all Street Bike and Intermediate classes
    • Purse paying Formula Ultralight (300's & 400's) and Motard races are $35 for pre-entry, $40 for entry at the track.
    • The NESBC license certification is free with the track day and will not interrupt any riding time
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