2020 Team Mentor Program
Part of Penguin NESBC dates

What are the goals of NESBC?

Penguin created NESBC in 2016 to give riders an opportunity to experience the joys of competition in a no pressure, fun, track day environment. "Racing", even when it's just for fun, promotes an exciting & fun atmosphere, bonds riders together and provides incentives for improvement.

How does the Team Mentor Program fit in?
The NESBC series has classes for riders of all levels, but focuses on up an coming riders.  The 6 classes include 2 for track day riders, 2 for newer racers and 2 for experienced racers (on entry level bikes only).  The structure of the "points" in the Team Mentor Program  encourages riders at DIFFERENT riding levels to join together.  Experts/Pros without bikes to race in the F300/Motard Pro classes serve as mentors only.  Working together towards the goal of winning a Team Championship provides extra incentive for top experts and Penguin coaches to work individually with a group of riders all season long and help them with lines, body position, bike setup and anything else they need to bring their riding to the next level. 

What are the rewards for the Team Mentor Program?
In addition to the relationships and knowledge gained in working together, there will be prizes at the end of the year for the teams with the most points, headlined by a cash payout for the top team!

How does the Points System work?
It's simple.  Teams consist of up to 4 riders, plus an optional non-riding mentor.  Mentors who compete in the Pro Classes are counted as one of the 4 team members.  These 4 riders compete in NESBC events, and the top finishing team member in each class get points.  If two team members ride the same class, then only the best finisher counts.  This encourages team members to be in varied classes and since every finisher scores points, everyone contributes to the cause!

How do I form a team (or find one if I'm new)?
There is a sign up form on the Penguin site (Short Cut by CLICKING HERE).  We will also start a thread on the Penguin School section of the NEStreetriders.com forum.  You can join NESR by creating a free account at www.nestreetriders.com and then checking the Penguin School section.  We'll be starting the NESBC Team Thread in mid February.  There will also be an opportunity for riders to form teams (and join with PRS coaches for mentors) at the first two NESBC events.  If you want to participate, we will find a team for you.

Is NESBC for me?
NESBC was a ton of fun last season, and it is designed for absolutely everyone!  The riders who participated really enjoyed themselves, and new riders who had never done a "race" before had fun in the no-pressure, just for fun Street Bike classes.  Everyone also enjoyed watching the "Pro" purse paying classes with top experts sliding around at blazing speeds.  Word of the camaraderie and fun riders experienced spread like wildfire, and these events gained a ton of momentum as the year went along.  If you're still not sure this is for you, come to the Track Day at Canaan or NHMS on these days and check it out.  Participation is 100% optional, and there is no affect on track time.  We'll bet that you'll join in and get hooked like the rest of us!

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