LRRS Licensed Racer Practices at NESBC Events

Optional ways for licensed LRRS racers to participate in our Canaan and NHMS track days with NESBC races.  Racers looking for track time at these events will have their own group to ride in and can participate in NESBC races either as a competitor or as a Team Mentor.  Take a look at the NESBC Team Mentor program here to learn how you can get involved! 

  • Sign up online for best pricing, or the morning of the event.  Racer Practice is out for Session #1 each day and will rotate continuously with PRS class and Track Experience sessions all day
  • NESBC races typically take place during the final hour of each day.
  • Licensed Racers and students who have attended License certification class in the past 12 months are eligible to ride
  • Bikes must pass a race-style tech inspection 
  • Riders can arrive after 6PM the night before

  • How to Register Online
    To get to the registration page for a particular date, click on the desired date in the schedule below or on the regular PRS calendar of events.

Register early to save money!  Riders save $20 by signing up in advance.  10+ Day advance registration is also eligible for Rain Insurance, which gives you a PRS credit for 80% if you do not make it for any reason (no notice required). 

LTF Member discounts
Licensed racers get discounted rates if you are a LTF Basic, Plus or Practice member.  

 Practice Date    Location 10+ days advance 
1-9 days advance  Notes   Member Level  Discount  
 June 5  Canaan                     $200  $220 NESBC      
 June 6  Canaan  $200  $220 NESBC     
 July 18  Canaan  $200  $220 NESBC   Learn to Fly Basic save $15
 July 19  Canaan  $200  $220 NESBC   Learn to Fly Plus  save $35
 August 3  NHMS    $200  $220 

NESBC + Dealer Challenge

  Learn to Fly Practice    save $15 
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