Our 2020 Dealer Challenge will be on September 21st at NHMS during the New England Ducati Dealers Track Day (all brands welcome)- This year's trophy will be a WINNER TAKE ALL event!   Can your dealership topple last years champion Seacoast Sport Cycle this season?? 

Entry into the Challenge in FREE to all paid participants on this day!!

2020 Rules

This dealer challenge series is run in the spirit of teamwork and fun.  It is seamlessly woven into our Monday track day at NHMS on September 21st.  The award ceremony will take place right after the conclusion of the racing, with the trophies, purse money and bragging rights all on display.  All are welcome!!

Team Structure:
Teams may consist of up to 5 riders.  The best 4 finishers of each event will score points towards the Team Challenge Championship cup.

Points will be awarded in proportion to the number of riders who start each race, with bonus points for finishing 1st (3 points), 2nd (2 points) or 3rd (1 point).  For example, in a class with 12 entries, the first place finisher would get 15 points and the 12th place finisher would get 1 point.  Riders must complete 1 lap in order to score points.  Each team may select one rider (must be riding a Ducati) to score Double points for their team.

Penguin may, at it's sole discretion, assign riders to the class 
that is deemed most appropriate for any individual rider.

The max number of riders in a class is 20.  Should there be more than 20 entries in any one group, that class will be split.   Divisions will be announced by Penguin the morning of the event and all classes will be scored separately.  Tentative divisions/classes will be as follows:

A Division: Expert Level Racers (2 Divisions - LWGP and UNL GP)
B Division: Amateur & Novice Level Racers (2 Divisions - LWGP and UNL GP)
C Division: Street  Bike riders - non licensed (2 Divisions - LWGP and UNL GP)

Former racers will be placed in the class deemed most appropriate.  If you have been out of racing for 4 years or less, you will generally be placed in the class that you were most recently licensed for.  If your absence from active racing has been 5 years or more, you will generally be dropped down one division.  Important: in the "C"  Street Bike division, there is a focus on fun and aggressive passes are not allowed.  

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