December 1st at Homestead Miami Speedway

Ducati Revs Miami (riders on all brands welcome) - Classes from track beginner to expert racer!


So much more than a track day
Penguin's events feature all the track time in a typical track day, coupled together with classrooms, track walks, and riding seminars for riders at all levels - from new track day riders to CCS Experts and pros.  These classes are optional in the afternoon, but if you want to ride faster, with more confidence, and breakthrough those plateaus in your riding - we've got just the event for you!  

Why we love Homestead

This is a GREAT racetrack that is situated in an oval but has the feel of a pure road course.  It's got fast slowing corners, some big braking zones, a couple of switchback sections, and more!  Penguin prides itself on having highly qualified, highly motivated (to help YOU) coaches.  Our day is formatted to give you the opportunity to learn more than you can possibly apply in one day.  Can you come to a Penguin Experience and just ride around and have fun? Absolutely.  However, there is so much more...

A few of the event highlights:

  • Learn and ride with an AMA National Champion and Superbike race winner - Josh Herrin
  • Seminars covering braking, cornering, lines and body position 
  • In depth track analysis and optional track walk (a favorite)
  • Bike setup and analysis
  • Free, 1 on 1 attention available for all riders at all levels
  • Trackside student analysis 
  • Track service from top vendors like Dunlop & Street&Comp

The Penguin Track Experience:
This unique experience combines the safe, comfortable environment of a track day together with the opportunity for top shelf instruction and individual attention.  Two of our riding groups will have passing specific passing restrictions that will give every rider a comfortable place to enjoy one of these great race tracks.  New track rider to experienced racer - we have a place for you here! 
If you've ever had the desire to explore the capabilities of your machine - this is the place to do it!  Our head instructors are all former AMA Superbike racers who will cover topics like line selection, corner strategy, braking techniques, corner speed analysis, body position, bike setup & more.  You may participate in as many or as few of the classrooms as you like.  We also may have a demo truck on-site to offer demo rides as well!

NEW! VIP Group with Josh Herrin
Inspired by the DRE schools in Europe, Penguin will be accepting 4 students for a day-long 1 on 1 experience with Ducati Superbike pilot Josh Herrin.  For $750 Josh will have a classroom with a maximum of 4 students, will ride 1 on 1 with each rider and will film these session with a GoPro and do detailed, personalized breakdowns for each rider.  This is a truly unique opportunity to learn from one of the fastest and most experienced riders in Moto America! 

The Penguin Advanced/Racer Group:
We've been coaching top riders for decades, and our unique approach to teaching can help riders at any level drop their times.  If you have questions, we will have answers that we can personalize for you.  You'll not just understand the "what" to do, but we'll give you specific steps to make progress with line selection, direction changes, braking, drives, body position and overall confidence.

Space is very limited, and signup is available through either the Penguin School or a participating dealer.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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