The #1 tool for analyzing your riding - hard data will help you make new breakthroughs!

  • Limited Spots Available - $200 gets you a DDC coaching session ($100 for additional sessions for the same event).
  • Full Data Analysis for the inputs that you are giving the motorcycle
  • An all-new tool to help riders go faster with more confidence
  • To participate, please email us at
    (In the future, sign up will be right on our website registration form)

How does it work?

The DDC system is a wearable device, incorporated into a vest that is worn on the outside of your racing leathers.  It’s powered by a small battery and incorporates a GPS unit plus data acquisition in a small, light module that can fit in the palm of your hand.

What do I see after the session?

Sensors that detect the amount of force the rider applies to hands and feet are connected to the data acquisition unit.  Once a rider is ‘wired up’, the system records the rider’s movements, including magnitude of inputs, rate of force application, moments of minimum force, and speed.  The GPS data allows DDC coaches to determine exactly what the rider is doing at any given point on the track. 

What is the cost?

Participants must be signed up for a Penguin School (Basic, Advanced or Track Experience).  The DDC experience is $200 and it includes complete setup and a data analysis session.  You also get a file containing all of your data that you can keep for reference in the future.  The DDC system will be a fantastic tool to evaluate your progress implementing all the techniques you learn in the classroom.

What to Expect with Data Driven Coaching

The typical day with Data Driven Coaching goes something like this:

  • Your coach will meet you to help get you ‘wired up’, as you are getting into your leathers before a session. 
  • The sensors get applied directly to your hands (they will fit comfortably under your gloves), and also to the bottoms of your feet (outside your socks).
  • Your coach will switch on the data acquisition unit before you roll out for your session.
  • You’ll then ride a session as you normally do. 
  • When you get back to the garage, your coach will turn off the data acquisition unit and help you remove the vest
  • Sensors will remain on your hands and feet for the day.
  • Your coach will download the data from your session and examine the results with you.
  • You’ll be asked about the session and any trouble spots you were having.  You’ll look at the data together and receive recommendations based on what the data shows you were applying for forces to the motorcycle during those moments. 
  • You can then ride several sessions to work on your technique changes.  The sensors won’t be recording during those practices.
  • From this point, you’ll have a plan to work on your new skills independently and look for the proof of improvement in your lap times!
  • The Data Driven Coaching system will capture the data you need to identify bad habits that are keeping you from your maximum performance.

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