Track Experience at Thompson - June 23rd & 24th, 2024


It's not a track day, it's the Penguin Track Experience - Now a 2 Day Event for 2024!  Penguin prides itself on having more highly qualified, highly motivated (to help YOU) coaches than you can find anywhere else.  Our day is formatted to give you the opportunity to learn more than you can possibly apply in one day.  Can you come to a Penguin Experience and just ride around and have fun? Absolutely.  However, there is so much more...

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Racers - work on skills in a non race environment
Many racers ride at NHMS all the time and are focused on lap times.  A day a Thompson with our expert staff can help you develop your riding without the pressure of having to do fast laps.  There will be a special group just for racers where you can work on critical skills like body position, vision and critical techniques at the end of braking & start of acceleration.  We've had many racers make personal breakthroughs in their riding that results in big improvements when they got back to NHMS  - we can help!!

Top shelf staff -   we have fantastic rider coaches who can offer unique insights  for riders at all levels! Riders are broken into groups both on track and in the classroom according to experience and ability.  All groups have access to more than a dozen championship- winning expert coaches for both classroom and on-track instruction.  Don't miss the 1 on 1 opportunities!  

Developing skills for both track and street is the theme of our track experience classroom courses.  Will you go fast out there?  Yes, as fast as you want, and our experienced crew can answer any questions you have about how to go fast.....but our classes between sessions will also help show you how to use the racetrack to make you more confident and safer in those emergency situations on the street!  We utilize the unique Thompson skid pad area to give student the opportunity to try some drills that have proven to make a huge difference in body position in years past - DONT MISS IT.

A few of the event highlights:  

  • Outdoor riding seminars braking, cornering, lines, and body position
  • Test the Penguin Body Position Simulator
  • In-depth track analysis and optional in depth track walk (a favorite)
  • Free, 1 on 1 attention available for all riders at all levels
  • Tire service available both days
Sunday - will feature an in-depth track walk in the morning.  CT does not allow engines until noon on Sunday, so we'll be riding from Noon - 7pm.  Lots of track time and on track coaching for all!  Camping is free for all participants.

Monday - will have a normal 9-5 riding schedule and will feature an opportunity to build your skills on the Thompson skid pad with our special Skills and Drills session.  This is an incredible opportunity for 1 on 1 feedback that you can put to use right away!!

The Penguin Track Experience:

This unique experience combines the safe, comfortable environment of a track day together with the opportunity for top-shelf instruction and individual attention.  Two of our riding groups will have passing specific passing restrictions that will give every rider a comfortable place to enjoy one of these great race tracks.  New track rider to experienced racer - we have a place for you here!

If you've ever had the desire to explore the capabilities of your machine - this is the place to do it!  Our head instructors are all former AMA Superbike racers who will cover topics like line selection, corner strategy, braking techniques, corner speed analysis, body position, bike setup & more.  You may participate in as many or as few of the classrooms as you like.  There will also be the opportunity to mingle with some world class motorcycle personalities.

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