A low-pressure way have fun at an NEMRR weekend.

The perfect half step between track days and racing!
Participants can simply add "Super Street" when you register
We will help walk you through registration on Friday after the school

Penguin makes it easy to try Super Street!
These events are run on the Saturdays (with an optional Sunday add-on) that follow all Penguin events at NHMS.  Penguin used to run similar events in (known as NESBC events) and students LOVED it!  Super Street is run by NEMRR (the only sanctioned road racing organization in New England), but signing up is as a couple extra clicks on your Penguin registration form.  If you've never done it before, just sign up for a regular school date and you can add Super Street at the track. 

Note: Penguin does not do sign ups for Super Street, but we help you every step of the way.  During the Friday events we assist you with signup and all the little things you need.  if your bike is good for Penguin, it's good for Super Street!

The basic idea
In short, this is a half step between racing and track days with a focus on FUN more than anything else.  You can do it on your Penguin track day level machine and you are completely separate from the licensed racers.  Riders get two practices, a practice "race" and a main race.  There is classroom and coaching in the morning, and riders get to be a part of the NEMRR weekend without mixing on track with the regular racers.  You get the feel of a track day in the morning with the opportunity to take a checkered flag in the afternoon! 

Sunday Details
NEMRR is offering an optional Sunday program where Super Street riders who rode on Saturday can practice and get an additional race for only $85.  You're all done by 12:30 and can still get home early!

Who is eligible?
Super Street is for track day level riders.  The only requirement is the completion of one track day in the previous 12 months (the Friday before certainly works).  Current racers cannot participate!  In fact, if you were ever an expert level racer this is not for you.  Former Novice or Amateur road racers must have not competed or held a license for at least three years to be considered for participation.

Do I need a race license?
Super Street riders do not need a full NEMRR license like other participants.  The special "Super Street" license is half the price of a regular license and you can get one after any Penguin Track Experience.  The Provisional Super Street license gets you in the NEMRR system and an official number. 

If you are going to ride as a regular NEMRR Novice full racer  (not in Super Street) DO NOT sign up for the Provisional License on the Penguin site, your licensing is always done Friday at the track by the NEMRR staff after the school.  CLICK HERE for NEMRR Rule Book

Super Street Riders - If you do not hold a current NEMRR Super Street license you MUST purchase a license on the NEMRR registration site when you sign up for your first event each yearThat provisional license is validated during Friday classrooms and again in the morning on your first Saturday Super Street event of each year.  

The cost to participate in a Super Street Saturday is only $195, plus the license cost.  This includes class, track time (2 practices, a heat and a final) and a weekend NEMRR pit pass.  If you do both Saturday & Sunday the cost is a total of $280 plus the license cost.  Penguin riders can sign up as an add-on on the registration form for the date you choose on this website.  When signing up, simply choose general registration, pick your Penguin Friday Class (usually Track Experience) and then add on the Super Street option.  The license cost is $87.50 at the beginning of the season and drops in price two stages as low as $50 at the end of the season.  The license is good for a calendar year.

Bike Preparation and Gear
The riding equipment rules (what you wear) are exactly the same as for the Penguin School.  If you're good for Friday, you're good for the weekend.  This is also the same case for you motorcycle with two small exceptions: You must have a while front number plate area large enough to display a 3 digit number with 8" (standard) numbers and you must have a transponder mounting bracket.  A actual plastic plate, white Vinyl decal or even white duct tape is good for the number plate.  Numbers and brackets are always available at NEMRR events at a trackside vendor.  That's it. You do need an MyLaps transponder, which can be rented from NEMRR for the weekend.

Future Participation
After you've participated in your first Super Street event, all of your sign ups for Super Street are done through your NEMRR online account.  Your Penguin Track Experience registrations are always done on this site by going to the calendar (HERE), clicking on your date and signing up for the class.  The normal progression is to start with Track Experience D, then go on to Track Experience C, and finally to try out the Penguin Advanced Class!

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