Required Equipment
Riders must have full coverage Snell approved helmet that was made no longer than 5 years ago.  Polycarbonate helmets (plastic) are not approved, regardless of rating.  The manufacture date of your helmet is usually stamped or printed on one of the chin straps of your helmet.  Leather boots (over the ankle - work boots will suffice) and gloves (with gauntlets over the wrist) are required as well.  Full racing suits are recommended, but zip together leather jacket and pants are accepted as long as they have armor and a back protector.  Textile suits are not approved.  Rental suits, boots, gloves and helmets are available.  You should reserve all rental equipment in advance.

Vanson Rental Leathers 
For those not sure they want to make the investment into racing leathers, the Penguin Racing School has top quality Vanson racing suits.  These suits are the best protection available on the market today.  If you have questions on sizing, please CLICK HERE or see below for a Vanson sizing chart

Rental equipment prices are as follows: (Click here be brought to the registration calendar)

Vanson Leathers    

 $50 per day (+$100 Crash Deposit)*
Arai Helmets             $30 per day (+$300 Crash Deposit)*
TCX Boots                         $20 per day
Held Gloves               $10 per day
Complete Outfit  $110 per day (+$400 Crash Deposit)*

* Note: Damage deposits are most often done simply by leaving a credit card on file the day of your rental.  The card would only be charged in the event of a crash.

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