NEMRR Friday Racer Practices

2023 Practice Dates 

The Penguin School has always incorporated racer practice into our Friday afternoon schools at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  Riders get practice sessions that run all day between school sessions, starting at 9:30am.

  • Sign in the Tech Garage (#7) at 8:00 AM (after the school has started)  
  • Licensed Racers and students who have attended License certification class in the past 12 months are eligible to ride
  • Bikes must pass a race-style tech inspection 
  • Riders can arrive after 6PM the night before each date
  • Sessions run from 9:30AM-6PM most days

    How to Register Online
    To get to the registration page for a particular date, click on the desired date on the main schedule page.

Register early to save money!  Riders save $25 by signing up at least 10 days in advance, and save $10 by signing up at least 1 day in advance.  10+ Day advance registration is also eligible for Rain Insurance. 

Best Deal - NEMRR Racer Practice Package (Includes 7 days, all dates below but June 14th)
Only $749 for the season.  There are many other benefits to this package, including skipping the registration process, product discounts, discounted school prices and more, plus ability to transfer unused days.  To learn about these packages click here.

 Practice Date    Location   Sign up lead time Pricing
 April 21  NHMS          10+ Days in advance  $135
 May 12  NHMS
  1 to 9 days advance $150
 June 14(Weds)-15(Thurs)*  NHMS   Walk In $160
 August 4  NHMS   LTF Discounts 
 August 18  NHMS   Learn to Fly Basic save $15 on above pricing 
 Sept. 8  NHMS   Learn to Fly Plus save $35 on above pricing
 Sept. 29  NHMS   Learn to Fly Practice 1 year of practices for $749 

*June 15 is a special practice that runs from 1-7pm.  Wednesday June 14  is only open to LTF Practice riders, who can add this optional day by registering on the June 14-15 Registration Form.

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