We open registration on most days at 7 am. You need to get through registration and tech inspection in the morning. Our opening meeting is typically about 8 am, during which we introduce the facility to new riders and discuss the schedule and features for the day. When the meeting adjourns, each group heads to their respective classrooms. The remainder of the day is spent alternating between the classroom and the track. NHMS Friday's end at 6 pm, and most other days end at 5 pm.

Track Time

Riders in the school get tons of track time. Our students get the same amount of on-track time as a typical track day. Penguin coaches and classroom instructors provide powerful insights between sessions that give riders a fantastic opportunity to make strides in their riding. These concepts are taught in the classroom, demonstrated on track and there is ample opportunity to get feedback from our highly experienced staff of experts.


In addition to track time & classroom instruction, our tuition also features the opportunity to walk a portion of the track with a top expert racer. This experience is always a student favorite, and we often hear that no matter how many times riders come along for these walks there is something new every time. The only groups that do not do the track walk are the Basic License Certification and first-time Track Experience riders on NHMS Fridays. All groups also have the opportunity to get 1 on 1 attention with an Expert Penguin coach. The feedback from this experience can help you focus on the 1-2 things that are going to help you make those steps in your riding.

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