Accepting Applications each year from October - December

Program Goals: 

  1. To help grow the sport of road racing.  We love this sport and Penguin's goal is to help make it easy for young riders and their families to succeed. Our program is evolving constantly and aims to provide coaching and support across a broad spectrum of topics.  First and foremost, we want these riders to love their time at the track.  It is our hope that our mentored riders will both succeed on the track and work when they are away from the track to bring more young riders into our sport.
  2. To help build role models.  While we hope to find some talented young racers, outright speed is not our #1 concern.  We are seeking young riders and families who love motorcycles and are willing to put in the effort needed to always represent our sport and themselves in a positive light.  The habits and techniques needed to become a successful racer translate to nearly anything else young men and women will tackle in their lives, and our program will help these riders develop tools for success. 
  3. To help all of our riders reach their potential in racing.  Our goal are to help riders to be smarter, safer and faster.  Topics will include track strategies, riding techniques, bike setup, goal setting, training, public speaking, sponsor relations and more.  

Our mentor program riders have been met with incredible success racing, winning NEMRR Rookie of the Year awards, NEMRR Expert Championships and several Moto America races.  

To apply, please send a resume to 

Rider Benefits:

  • Discounted Track Time & Education at all Penguin events
  • Pit spot in Penguin Mentor Garage on NEMRR weekends
  • Access to Mentor Program deals on numerous racing products
  • NEMRR weekend coaching & access to Penguin staff members between weekends
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