The Experience
Founded in 1973, Penguin is the oldest motorcycle track school in the USA.  We are proud to have a staff of coaches and instructors who have more experience than anyone else in the nation.  Penguin features championship winning staff members who love to share their knowledge with riders of all levels.  Here, you won't find any egos or any pressure, just the best coaching you can find anywhere from people who really care.

Riding your motorcycle on the racetrack is an experience you will never forget.  Most riders who come out the try the track return over and over again.  There is simply no environment anywhere in the world that will let you feel the freedom and exhilaration of riding on the track.  In comparison to riding on the street, riding the track is much safer.  No cars, no potholes, no sand ...just fun, and a whole lot of people who love motorcycles!

A big reason to come to the Penguin Racing School is to increase your confidence on a sport bike.   You will come away with a wealth of new knowledge that will give you more control and greater precision wherever you ride.  Line selection, body position, brake, throttle and steering inputs are all put together to give you a plan to ride with confidence.  If you have questions, we will have answers!

Unmatched Staff
A vast majority of our instructors are top expert racers who have won championships at either the regional or national level.  At last count our instruction staff had amassed more than 100 championship titles and every overall #1 plate in New England for the past decade.  Nowhere else will you be able to access such a large group of highly qualified riders who are ready and willing to spend one on one time with you.
Race License Certification (The Basic Course)
Upon completion of the Penguin Racing School Basic Course you will be eligible for a race license anywhere in the USA.  Even if you do not plan to race, this certification will gain you eligibility to many practices closed to street riders and will gain you entry into several different advanced roadracing courses.  NEMRR (the sanctioning body for New England) has the best Novice racer program in the nation, where new racers only ride with other Novice riders.  Riders participate in a Rookie Race the first weekend they register for races, and this can be any time 1 year after taking the Basic course.

Individual Attention
Not everyone is comfortable asking questions during a classroom session. Once the classroom session is out, students are broken down into groups of 5-6 students per instructor for instructional riding sessions.  This provides a great opportunity for students to address their individual goals and follow directly behind an expert instructor.  Then during the open sessions later in the day all students are encouraged to meet with their instructors, follow 1 on 1 or to simply be observed on the track for critique.  Some great gains (and friendships) are made during this time.

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