Are you ready for the track?
The Penguin Racing School is for competent riders of all skill levels.  Before you come to the school you should have a minimum of one-year riding experience and have a good handle on all basic riding skills.  We do not teach brand new riders how to ride motorcycles, we teach motorcycle riders to ride better.  Before you come you should have the following skills, which most riders have after about 6 months of regular street riding (time varies from rider to rider):

  • The ability to start, stop, shift and turn the bike quickly and confidently 
  • The ability to hold the throttle wide open for several seconds comfortably
  • The ability to use progressive, strong brake pressure while straight up and down
  • The ability to safely avoid an unexpected obstacle
Where should I start?
If you are tentative about your readiness for the track, you should try out one of our Track Experience courses!  This is a course with no racers, and passing is limited on corner entry to create a more comfortable track environment for everyone. 

Basic License Certification class
Although you certainly do not need to be an aspiring racer to take our Basic Course, you do need to have a good basic set of riding skills.  As a general rule, anyone who has raced anything before (dirt bikes, cars, etc.) should be perfectly comfortable in this course, as well as anyone who is used to riding with other riders on the street.  Once through this course, you are eligible for both a race license and to participate in Penguin Racer Practices before NEMRR events.

What about the Advanced Class?
The Advanced Course has a name that can be intimidating, but it is just a natural progression from the Basic or Track Experience Course.  Anyone who has been through a few of our Track Experience Courses (or through a license certification course) can benefit from this course.  We get students ranging from track day riders to expert racers.  Everyone is separated on track in the afternoon, so riders of all levels will be able to work on their skills in a comfortable environment. 

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