FRIDAY NHMS SCHOOLS                                  Before every weekend event 
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3 separate school groups + licensed NEMRR/NEMRR racer practice
We have something for riders at all levels on these days!

Back for 2024 - Saturday & Sunday Super Street NEMRR Partnership! 
The Penguin School works closely with NEMRR, who is again offering the popular SUPER STREET
 program in 2024.  In short, this is a half step between racing and track days with a focus on FUN more than anything else.  You can do it on your Penguin track day level machine and the only requirement to get a "license" is to have completed one track day in the past 12 months!  Saturday riders get two practices, a practice "race" and a main event.  There is classroom and coaching in the morning, and riders get to be a part of the NEMRR weekend without mixing on track with the regular racers.  You can also add Sunday Super Street as well.  Penguin is making it easy for our Friday school participants as we have added a Super Street "upgrade" on our registration form so you can get all signed up with a couple clicks!  These days are run by NEMRR, Penguin will simply make your payment to NEMRR and submit your pre-registration for you.  Super easy, and super fun!!

NHMS Friday School Information
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For the June Two Day School information CLICK HERE

These 5 Friday 2024 NHMS dates precede NEMRR weekends: 4/26, 5/17, 7/19, 8/23,9/20
There is also a Wednesday-Thursday 2 day school 6/5 & 6 before the 101st Loudon Classic

  • The 6 Friday dates plus Weds 6/5 are the only Penguin dates that have a NEMRR licensing class 
  • Separate riding sessions & classes for all levels. Street rider, track day rider & racers - a place for everyone! 
  • The only school taught by the top riders in New England! Available 1 on 1 coaching in all classes
  • Three courses taught each day (Track Experience, License Certification and Advanced).  See details below
  • School riding groups rotate with NEMRR practice groups in the afternoon.

Am I ready for the racetrack? 
It's easier than you think.  You don't need to be an Expert rider - you just need a solid grasp of the basics.  Before riders attend any course, they should be completely competent in the operation of a motorcycle.  Basic braking, turning and acceleration should all be able to be done without conscious effort.  Brand new riders should take an MSF course and gain street or dirt experience before considering the racetrack.  For a more detailed explanation CLICK HERE.

Learn to Fly Discounts
If you think that you might want to ride more than once, be sure to check out our Learn to Fly programs (complete details CLICK HERE).  These packages are great from both a financial standpoint (saving you lots of $$) and provide many valuable benefits (discounts on products, rain insurance, event fee crash insurance & more)!  For those attending single events, there is always a discount to register online at least 10 days prior to the event.

 (3 Courses held at all NHMS Friday Schools)
Track Experience, Basic License Certification, and Advanced all explained below.

Track Experience
Who should Attend?
This course is for riders ranging from new to the racetrack to experienced track day riders who like riding in an environment where there is no inside passing.

Class Details  VIDEO - CLICK HERE
The participants in the Penguin Track Experience often come expecting a regular track day, but we have organized something more.  Penguin took elements of our basic and advanced classes and blended them into a special curriculum that focused on giving students the tools to improve their riding on both the track and the street.  Most of all, this course is designed around enjoying the racetrack.  Student feedback has been outstanding!  Instruction is led by Expert Level racers who have decades of track experience and a myriad of tools to help riders at all levels feel comfortable on the track.  Topics include vision, track strategy, body position, braking, turning, acceleration, confidence, feel, setup and more.  

Testimonials: " I've done track days with a number of organizations and I can honestly say that I learned more in my day with you than I ever have before."   
"The one on one at the body position session was very helpful. The instructors helped me realize where I needed to make small but important changes to my body position on my motorcycle, I went out to the track with a new technique in mind and instantly felt a huge improvement on the track."
Basic License Certification Course

Who should Attend?  This course is for riders who want to become certified for a racing license or to have the ability to participate in racer practice days.

Class Details  VIDEO - CLICK HERE
The basic course includes our school guidebook "Basic Road Racing", classroom instruction (discussing bike preparation, riding techniques, flags, rules and track survival) and most important plenty of riding time!  Following the classroom with former AMA Pro Superbike racer Steve Nogueira, you will be introduced to the racetrack while riding in small groups, each led by an expert instructor.  Short, riding specific classes will be run between your afternoon sessions. There will be coaches available at all times to help with any questions you may have as well as to provide 1 on 1 help on and off the track. Riders successfully completing this course will be issued a certificate that will enable you to purchase a racing license that same evening, or simply to participate in future racer practice sessions. 

Testimonial: "Last week I participated in the school.  I just wanted to let you know that it was a great learning experience and I feel a lot more confident going around the track.  You are real pro's with a great attitude, always willing to help...I will be back for the advanced school"  - R.C. 

Advanced Course

Who should Attend?
This course is for riders who have several track days under their belt in the past 12 months and riders with a racing license.  Note: Riders are separated according to experience in open sessions during the afternoon.  

Class Details  VIDEO - CLICK HERE
If you are looking to make yourself a better rider and want to attend one of the most acclaimed training classes in the country, you should attend the Advanced Course with national champion and multi-time AMA race winner Eric Wood.  We will lower your lap times!! All of our advanced instructors are expert class champions who can help you with bike setup, starts, braking, cornering, race lines, and more! If you have questions, we will have answers. The advanced course includes classroom, detailed track walk, guided riding time, open practice, and individual tutoring.  At many events we are able to do individual student critique not only via track-side observation, but also through photographic and video analysis.  We always have instructors available in the afternoon who can ride 1 on 1 with students looking for some extra help.

 "I attended the Penguin Advanced School last week (I'm an Amateur on a GSXR600).  On the race weekend after the class I went a 1:23....5 seconds faster than my previous weekend!  I just wanted you to know that your teaching was VERY effective for me.  Thanks again!"  - D.L.

Racer Practice
Who should Attend?
Licensed racers and riders who have completed the Penguin License certification course within the past 12 months.

Riders get riding sessions starting at 10am, running between Penguin classes throughout the entire day.  

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