The Annual NHMS 2 Day School June 5 & 6, 2024
(Preceding the 101st running of the Loudon Classic)

Be sure to get your reservations in early! 
This is #1 event of the year to develop your skills !!
  • IMPORTANT: If you need a racing license, the License Certification Course is held ONLY on Wednesday.
    There will not be a certification course on Thursday (only on Wednesday) 

  • Ride FASTER & LOWER RISK at the same time!
  • A place for all riders!  Basic, Track Experience, and Advanced Groups (separated in the classroom and on track)
  • Special Guest Coaches including Tytler's Cycle Stefano Mesa and M4 Suzuki's Teagg Hobbs
  • Two Full days learn, test & correct techniques - with feedback from 20 top Expert Coaches! 
  • Exclusive to this event - The Penguin Skills Experience on track drills / instant feedback. (hugely popular at the 2022 rollout) 
  • Speed your progress with Photo and Video learning aids 
  • Incredible track time with limited participant numbers to ensure high quality laps 
  • Every student has scheduled 1 on 1 time* each day 
    *This final super-valuable feature is a real difference maker as each student gets to spend time with a top expert instructor each day to give personalized feedback and targets for your riding

NOTE: There is a Wednessday afternoon (2-6pm) practice session for 2023.  Scroll to the bottom for details
Thursday Practice is from 1-7PM. 

LTF Practice Membership includes the Thursday session only

 "I took the two day school in June and the next time I came to the racetrack I not only dropped 5 seconds, but I also eliminated all the scary "moments" that I frequently had on the track.  Best of all, I know where to find more time....thanks so much!" - B.T.                             


License Certification
Take this course if you want to be certified for a race license or racer practices
Day 1 - If you need a license for 2024, you must attend this Wednesday course.  Tuition for Basic Students includes our school guidebook "Basic Road racing" by Jerry Wood, classroom instruction (discussing bike preparation, riding techniques, flags, rules, and track survival), and most important plenty of riding time! Following the classroom, you will be introduced to the racetrack while riding in small groups, each led by an expert instructor. The balance of the day will be rotating practice sessions where you can ride at your own pace and practice what you have learned. There will be instructors available at all times to help with any questions you may have.  At the culmination of the day, all basic students will compete in a simulated race start and be 100% certified for their racing license. 

Track Experience
Take this course if you want to ride and learn without sharing the track with racers
Day 1 - Track Experience students will not only get abundant track time but will also get the benefit of personalized instruction and feedback from top NEMRR riders.  Coaches and your classroom instructor will lay the foundation for making serious strides in your riding through a detailed breakdown of track strategy and an emphasis on critical rider input techniques.  Ample time is given for personalized questions and answers, and each student will be paired up with an instructor for some 1 on 1 time in the afternoon. 

Basic and Track Experience Participants - Day 2 
This day will focus 100% on getting track time and improving your riding technique. Our morning track walk gets raves from past participants who tell us that they have never made more progress before! After the morning session, there is tons of track time. Our expert instructors will guide you around the track, emphasizing the points of the morning track walk. You will be observed and critiqued (at your option) in the afternoon to give each student riding tips that are specific to him or her. All students have the option all day to tap the resources of our experienced staff for 1 on 1 attention. Most of our advanced instructors are expert class champions and can help you with bike setup, starts, braking, cornering, race lines, and more. You gather enough information in these 2 days to keep you thinking for months.

Advanced School 
Take this course if you are an experienced track day rider or racer 
Days 1 & 2 - If you have track experience and want to get to the next level, this course is for you! We pack in 2 days of intense training that drops our average student's lap times by nearly 2 seconds. All levels - from new racer to pro will feel comfortable here. We cover anything and everything you need to know and focus on individual attention and critique . Not only do you get the riding secrets of NHMS from the most experienced staff in the nation, but you get someone watching YOU, helping YOU to put it into use. If you have  questions, we will get you the answer. We cover braking, cornering, body inputs,  drives, slides, starts, bike setup, passing, race strategy, and more.... You can't spend money anywhere on your bike that will drop your lap times as we can.

Racer Practice
Wednessday Practice: This is a recently added option.  This practice will run between 2 pm and 6 pm.  This is open to all licensed racers and this is not part of the 2024 Learn to Fly practice package.  We are only at opening this option up for riders who are also doing Thursday practice.  This group can and likely will sell out.
Thursday Practice:  Thursday practice will run as it has for the last several years with practice sessions running from 1-7 pm on Friday.  This session is included in the 2024 Learn to Fly practice package.

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