The Penguin Racing School offers several different classes which are explained in detail in each individual section.  Package deals are available for riders who want to ride multiple events per year and represent a fantastic value!  All events at NHMS will have Dunlop tire service available and students can take advantage of a special student deal on Dunlop Q3+ and Q4 tires, the top rated track day tires available and fully endorsed by Penguin. 

New Hampshire Friday Schools  - 6 dates - CLICK HERE for more information
Featuring Track Experience, Basic Race Licensing and Advanced courses

These events have 3 different classes going on at once.  For street riders, the Track Experience offers a place to ride the racetrack in a non-racing environment with instruction from some of the best riders in the Northeast.  The Basic Course is where you get certified for a racing license and can test the waters with other riders considering getting into racing.  The Advanced Course is all about improving your riding techniques, whether you are a street rider or an aspiring racer.  

Pre-registration discounts and Learn to Fly member discounts are available.

NHMS Racer Practices - 6 dates - CLICK HERE for more information

6 sessions held on the Friday prior to all NEMRR events, plus Thursday before the June Loudon Classic.  These sessions are for licensed racers and for riders who have completed the Penguin Basic Course.  Friday sessions run from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. and the special Thursday event prior to the Loudon Classic runs from 1:00 -7:00 P.M.  

Pre-registration discounts, Learn to Fly member discounts and season package deals are available.

Special Track Experience & Ducati Revs Events
2024 features NYST (CLICK HERE), Mid Ohio (CLICK HERE) and Daytona (info coming soon) 

These events are special Track Day events that are dedicated 100% to enjoying the racetrack and learning to go faster on the track.  Riders on all brands are welcome (even on Ducati Revs days).  The bonus for these dates is that Penguin often brings in special Guests and Instructors who offer special insights, share great stories and really add to the overall experience.  In recent years we have features stars like Jason DiSalvo, Jake Zemke, Steve Rapp and Roger Lee Hayden!!     

Events will be at Thompson, Ohio, New York Safety Track and Daytona.  

Annual NHMS 2 Day Event -Thurs/Fri before the June Loudon Classic - CLICK HERE for more information
This event is always one of our most popular dates of the season.  Track walks, scheduled one on one instruction each day and a history of students who drop several seconds a lap.  Don't miss this one!  This event is always a sell out and is THE event to make if you want to learn to ride faster, with more confidence.

This event has a place for riders of all levels.  Here are a couple special notes:

If you want to get a Race License, that portion of the course is only held on Wednesday.
There will be a Racer Practice incorporated into the afternoon sessions on Thursday from 1-7PM

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