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Motorcycle Choice

Any sportbike, sport touring or race bike will work on the track. Motard bikes (dirt bikes converted to run street tires) have been a popular choice in recent years as well. Touring bikes and cruisers generally do not make good track bikes. If you have a choice of motorcycles, we nearly always recommend a smaller bike to start with. This allows you to focus on riding through the corners (the important part). If you do not think your bike is suitable or do not want to risk falling down, the Penguin School has a great fleet of  rental bikes at most of our events - INFORMATION HERE.

Motorcycle Preparation

Track Day preparation is easy and generally takes about 20-30 minutes. Unless you are racing with NEMRR, you do not need any safety wire. Your motorcycle must be clean and 100% oil-tight. Tires and brakes that are in good condition (50% material or more) are a must. You should remove your mirrors and license plate, tape up all of your lights, and it's a good idea to cover up your speedometer with tape (helps focus on the track). We also highly recommend removing your side stands, although it is not required (Be aware that they can drag on many bikes). If possible, you also should remove all of your antifreeze and replace it with water or approved race coolant. This is mandatory for anyone who wants to race but not required for school students. If you plan to ride to the track, leave yourself plenty of time to prepare your bike in the morning.

Rider Equipment (Helmet, Leathers, Gloves, Boots)

Helmets must be Snell or ECE approved, in excellent condition, and be 5 years old or newer. Important note: Plastic (polycarbonate) or any "flip-up" helmets are not suitable for the racetrack and will not pass tech. You must have a standard full-face helmet with either a fiberglass or carbon shell. You need gauntlet (over the wrist) gloves and over the ankle boots (work boots are OK). Your riding suit is required to be full leather and if it is two-piece it MUST be zipped together at the waist. Suits must have a back protector and armor in the shoulders, hips, knees, and elbows. Penguin Racing School has a full line of rental equipment available, for information please CLICK HERE. All rental equipment should be reserved in advance.

Race Preparation

If you plan to race it takes a few hours to get your bike ready. Race preparation of your motorcycle involves safety wiring any bolts that secure the wheels, brakes, and fluid. Other specifics are exhaust hangers and oil filters. All of the lights must be removed completely and number plates must be displayed. For a complete list of what needs to be done please CLICK HERE for a link to the NEMRR rulebook or CLICK HERE for the CCS rulebook.

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