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   - Ready for the next level?  Experienced TX riders can enroll in the Advanced Course

Who should attend?
This course is for riders ranging from those who are new to the racetrack to experienced track day riders who like riding in an environment where there is no inside passing.  No racers here!

What can I expect?
More than your average track day!  Penguin offers a safe, fun track experience and features a staff full of top tier riders with decades of experience.  We will help you ride faster with more confidence, street or track.  Once you've been once, classroom time is optional and you can work with coaches or simply enjoy the track!  Friday NHMS schools have a track experience group that is completely separate from the race school groups and practices and all other TX events have multiple levels of Track Experience groups.  

NESBC 2019 - At a few select events, Penguin will have optional "races" for track day riders at the end of the day.  Check out the NESBC link here.  Have fun with your track riding friends and "race" with your track day prepared motorcycle, form teams and win prizes (like a FREE Arai helmet or $1500 cash)!  These events run in conjunction with the Sunday portion of three Sunday track days at Canaan plus a special Sunday event at NHMS.  Participation is 100% optional (but nearly everyone did it last year - the reviews were fantastic!).

Class Details  VIDEO HERE
The participants in the Penguin Track Experience often come expecting a regular track day, but we have organized something more.  We took our basic and advanced classes and blended them into a special curriculum that focused on giving the students the tools that they needed to both improve their riding and enjoy the racetrack.  Student feedback has been outstanding!  Instruction is led by former AMA Superbike rider Scott Greenwood.  Scotty is a multi-time #1 plate holder in the NEMRR series and he is always excited to bring his experience to the classroom. 

Testimonial: " I participated in the Track Experience last month and I have to say that Scott Greenwood was great.  I've done track days with a number of organizations and I can honestly say that I learned more in my day with you than I ever have before.  Thanks again, I'm looking forward to coming back again soon!" 

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