Where do I get information on racing?

There is a good deal of information online. The racing organization that sanctions the races that follow most of the Penguin Racing School classes at Loudon is called NEMRR. There is a good deal of information found at www.nemrr.com. If you plan to race, the most important thing you can do is to come to the track with your motorcycle all prepared. The list of race requirements can be found by clicking here. There are service shops that do a basic race prep for your motorcycle for about $150.

Are there deals for first-time racers?

Yes. NEMRR arguably has the best racer introduction program in the nation. Novice (new) racers only race and practice with other new riders. You will not get your doors blown off by an Expert racer! Your first weekend gets a free entry in the Rookie Race, and you are allowed to rent a transponder (used for timing and scoring) instead of having to purchase one right away.

What do I have to do to my bike to get it ready to race?

If you plan to race, the most important thing you can do is to come to the track with your motorcycle all prepared. There are service shops that can do a basic race prep for your motorcycle for about $150. The basic list is below.  

  1. Remove all lights, stands, mirrors, and directionals.
  2. Safety wire any bolts that hold oil, water, wheels or brakes. This includes all drain and fill plugs, axles, pinch bolts, and caliper bolts. Exhaust hanger brackets must also be wired.
  3. Remove all antifreeze and replace it with water or an approved coolant.
  4. Bikes need race bodywork that incorporates a belly pan that can retain 3 quarts of oil. This is available at several locations, visit the link for the rulebook below.
  5. For a complete rulebook, click here

The above is a basic list to get you started. Racing organizations around the country each have slightly different requirements, so you should get a copy of your local rulebook to be sure you have all your bases covered. We also recommend that you get a set of race bodywork for your motorcycle and paint number plates that are at least 10"x12". Novice racers are required to run white number plates. Bodywork is available from Woodcraft at 978 297 2977.

If I take the school, can I race the next day?

Absolutely yes. About half of the Penguin Racing School's basic students stay to race with NEMRR as a Novice on the following weekend. There is a meeting at the end of the school day for all students who plan to race. This meeting covers all the information you need to get your racing license as well as guiding into which classes your motorcycles fits in over the weekend. If you plan to race, you should prepare your motorcycle as much as possible at home. See the motorcycle preparation section for more information.

If your bike is not track prepared, be sure to look at the SUPER STREET program, as this makes it even easier to stay the weekend and check out what racing is like.  It's similar to racing with NEMRR, but it is designed to be less serious, easier to try out and comes with classes to guide you on Saturday.

What is the Rookie Race and how does it work?

The Rookie Race is required by NEMRR for all riders who have never raced before. This race is run as the first race on Saturday and is the final test that you need to pass to qualify for your license. 

The Rookie Race is not part of the Friday school. Your school certificate allows you to get a race license any time in the following 12 months from the date of the school. You will ride the Rookie Race only after you buy a race license and enter a regular race. If you do not decide to race, then the Rookie Race is not something that you need to worry about.

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