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Minimum Age for Participation - 12 Years Old (all riders under 16 must be pre approved.  Email info@penguinracing.com)

There has been a movement as of late that has brought several younger riders into the sport of roadracing. Although we are excited about the influx of younger riders into our sport, there are certain restrictions placed on these riders to ensure that they are to participate in the safest possible environment. We have seen some very talented youngsters in recent years and look forward to seeing many more. In addition to normal liability releases, the parent or guardian present will be required to sign a release stating that their child is ready and able to participate in motorcycle track days and/or road racing. The Penguin Racing School reserves the right to disallow participation for any student that we feel is not ready. 

Releases / Parental Presence Required - IMPORTANT

Insurance regulations are very strict with regard to minor participation. Both parents must have signed the minor release form, and at least one parent / legal guardian must be present at all times at the racetrack. If either parent is not present, the absent parent must have prepared the minor release form both printed in color and notarized and presented to Penguin the morning of the event. This form is required for each date that the minor participates in. To download the minor release form CLICK HERE.

Age 16-17 (with drivers license)

Riders that are between 16 and 17 years old are allowed to participate in any class that their parents (or legal guardians) see fit. However, we strongly advise that these riders start in a lightweight or middleweight class (600cc 4-cylinder) and avoid the larger displacement classes.  Riders in this age category must present their driver's license and have parents/guardians present (with photo ID).  

Age 12-15 (and 16-17 without drivers license)

Riders that are between 12 and 17 years old are allowed to participate on only select types of lightweight motorcycles. These motorcycles include 125 Grand Prix bikes, 500cc or smaller single-cylinder motorcycles (including 450cc supermotard bikes), and 500cc or smaller 4 stroke Twin cylinder motorcycles.  Riders in this age category must present their birth certificate and have a parent or guardian present (with photo ID). All riders under the age of 16 in this group MUST submit a resume to Penguin before being accepted into the program.  This will allow us to help place riders in the class that is most appropriate for them. Resumes don't need to be fancy, just a description of the youth rider experience and any race results from motocross, flat-track or similar activities. We are interested in the long term success of every rider and need to ensure that any minor that intends to participate is prepared for the rigors of riding with 1000cc sportbikes. For those who are not, we have special groups (the YNR groups) that offer a perfect entry point that does not involve open track time with general track day groups. We have had many successful young riders of late, but each rider is considered on an individual basis. We strongly recommend gaining racing experience (dirt track or motocross) before any minor attempts to road race. 

Age 10-13

All first-time riders in this category are eligible exclusively for our YNR (Youth and New Rider) program dates. Here, they will be brought through a completely adjustable curriculum that will help build their skills and confidence in a progressive fashion. These riders will work closely with Penguin coaches. Skilled and experienced riders in this group will "graduate" from the YNR program when they can pass several core competency tests for the PRS staff. Riders may participate on most any motorcycle over 100cc's that is prepared for the track (street tires). Parent/Guardian requirements mirror those for the 12-15-year-old riders above. Our focus is to provide a fun, nurturing environment that will develop riders with excellent skills and a love for our sport.

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