Our street rider course is called the TRACK EXPERIENCE course, and it is offered at every Penguin event.  This option features a safe, fun track experience that offers participants full access to Penguin's top tier coaches.  Our fantastic coaching staff features the most experienced and decorated riders in the Northeast.  These national and regional expert level riders have the knowledge and experience to help you in the class, in the pits and on the track.  Our proven techniques help you not only to ride faster but also to ride safer at the same time.  This group also has a restriction on passing on the inside turning turn-in to help make the track time as comfortable as possible for everyone.   

NHMS Friday Track Experience Dates
At Friday events at NHMS there is a single TX group that has completely separate classes and riding groups from the other sessions (which typically have racers in them).  These days are led by CCS regional and national champion Scott Greenwood and offer the opportunity for both open track time and 1 on 1 coaching.  After you've been through your first Track Experience course, returning TX riders will have the opportunity to walk a section of the track with Scott each morning.
Standard Track Experience Dates
Standard Track Experience events there are typically at least 2 levels of Track Experience (TX) groups to choose from, both of which do not have racers. Standard dates are at ALL Penguin events outside of Friday NHMS dates. Riders have access to lots of open track time and 1 on 1 coaching.  Participants on these days will also have the opportunity to walk a portion of the racetrack with a top Expert coach.  
NESBC Track Experience Dates (Optional during 4 Standard dates in 2017) 
At a these Standard TX events, Penguin will have optional "races" for track day riders at the end of the day, typically on Sunday of a two day event. These "Street Bike" races are 100% optional and have got great reviews from participants!  Have fun with your track riding friends and "race" without having to fully track prepare a motorcycle.  No pressure at all, and you can even start from pit lane after everyone else has started.  There are some great prizes, and riders and even form teams with riders from other classes (there are 3 classes that allow racers, which are not the Street Bike class) and compete for the Team Championship prize.  Details are on the event page for Canaan -CLICK HERE for information

What's next after Track Experience?
many riders love TX and will stay in this group as long as they ride with Penguin.  Other riders after they have participated in a few Track Experience events try out our Advanced course, where there is a mix of newer racers and track day riders.  If you decide that you'd like to give racing a try, then the Basic License Certification course will give you the ability to both ride with LRRS and (importantly) participate in Penguin LRRS racer practice, which is a super cost effective way to get track time.

For over 40 years, Penguin has set the standard for track instruction.  We have helped thousands of new racers get licensed and start on a successful career at our Basic License Certification course.   With our Advanced course, we are also the premier venue for helping Amateur riders become Experts, and helping Expert racers become champions.  Many top racers come to a series of Advanced courses, since there is far more information provided than you can absorb in one day.  Take a course at NHMS to learn the secrets to dropping time where you need it most, or come to a track day at another venue and ride our advanced group to work on techniques that will improve your riding a
nywhere you go! 

Standard Schools
These events have 2 different classes for racers (or potential racers).  The Basic Course is where you get certified for a racing license and can test the waters with other riders considering getting into racing.  The Advanced Course is all about improving your riding techniques, whether you are a street rider or an aspiring racer.  Package deals and pre registration discounts are available for these events.  Standard School Information (all 3 classes)
LRRS Racer Practice (7 NHMS dates)
Licensed racers may also participate in the Penguin Racer Practice on the Friday NHMS events.  This is the most cost effective track time anywhere, and you can get a Learn to Fly Practice membership that gets rates as low as $107/day.  NHMS Practice Details HERE
Standard Track Experience Days
There is always one racer group at our LRRS Track Experience days.  In these sessions, participants will get a full Advanced curriculum and can get personalized help working on lines, techniques, body position and more.  When taken at tracks away from NHMS, racers can really focus on the things that will make them better riders without feeling like they need to run certain lap times.  It's proven to work extremely well for many riders!  
NESBC Track Experience Dates
At our Canaan dates there is a a choice of an Advanced Class or a special LRRS Racer Practice at each event, PLUS purse-paying classes for Motard and Formula 300 bikes and classes with great prizes for Novice & Amateur Racers on big bikes.  Form teams, compete, win prizes and cash and most importantly - have tons of fun! CLICK HERE for information

Learn to Fly Membership
Discounts on all dates for riders of all levels, plus special deals on parts, Free event fee crash/mechanical insurance, Rain Insurance & special members-only benefits. Like "Bring a Friend" discounts and exclusive access to Partner Share events at other venues.  "Learn to Fly" Program details  

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